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US 20 Upper Sunken Grade Slide

The US 20 Upper Sunken Grade Slide Repair is a WFLHD-administered project in the Willamette National Forest to fix landslide damage to a highly utilized corridor of US 20 between Corvallis and Bend, OR. This project entailed building an approximately 500 ft long retaining wall ranging from 6 to 40 ft tall, complete with fifty-two 14” X 14” Soldier Piles drilled to depths ranging from 15 to 65 ft deep, roadway realignment, and paving. The roadway reconstruction spanned approximately 800 ft and included many upgrades to ensure sustainability, such as new drainage structures, slope stabilization measures, and Hydroseeding. proHNS deployed a Consultant Inspector II to the remote site, approximately 25 miles east of Sweet Home, OR, to provide inspection services under our IDIQ contract with WFLHD.