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Tenakee Ferry Terminal

proHNS provided a full team to perform contract administration and inspection services for all work on this $11.2 million project that reconstructed the existing Tenakee city dock and DOT&PF ferry terminal facility. Construction included removal of portions of the existing dock and terminal structures, refurbishment of the existing pile support approach deck, improvements to fuel and electrical systems, and construction of new pile-supported dock and ferry staging structures, new offshore mooring dolphins, new timber mooring floats, and new fuel operations building. To save on costs and minimize contact between our crew and Tenakee residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, proHNS utilized our Project Engineer’s 65-foot, 10-bed motor yacht M/V Heron to lodge project field staff and serve as the project office. The vessel was stocked with all necessary communication equipment (handheld radios, satellite Internet) as well as inspection and safety equipment before departing for Tenakee.