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Kaxdigoowu Héen Dei Trail

proHNS Project Engineer Ethan Roemeling, PE, prepared a bid-ready design package for this Juneau project that required a USACE permit and realigned approximately 2,000 feet of an existing paved asphalt path.* The path was rerouted due to erosion from the Mendenhall River, and traversed freshwater emergent wetlands and sensitive meadow habitat. Ethan worked closely with the City and Borough of Juneau’s Parks and Recreation Department to ensure his design addressed the needs of all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and the tourism industry. Work included installation of an aggregate base, storm drain culverts, hydroseeding of the old trail area, and asphalt paving of the new trail. proHNS provided overall project and contract management of the CA/I portion of this project, working with the contractor to administer and inspect the project’s construction, ensuring
erosion and sediment control measures remained in compliance with the project’s SWPPP and all contract documents.

*Ethan designed this project while working for another firm, shortly before joining proHNS.