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Douglas 4th Street, D to F

proHNS is providing project management and design services for a street reconstruction and utility replacement project spanning D, E, and F Streets on 4th Street. This section of road was selected for reconstruction based on an in-depth utility condition analysis that proHNS performed throughout south Douglas during 2022 & 2023.

Similar to another reconstruction project completed in 2021 on a different section of 4th Street, proHNS is designing a rigorous overhaul of outdated water, sewer, and storm drainage infrastructure. The project kicked off in June 2023, beginning with an in-depth survey of the existing public roadway, utilities, and right-of-way, as performed by the sub-consultant North 57 Land Surveying. proHNS then took the data from the utility investigation, survey, and fieldwork to begin designing the complete overhaul of the street.

Challenges of this project included realigning water and sewer mainlines to meet current D.E.C. standards, matching into existing infrastructure, and managing substantial amounts of groundwater that are prevalent in the area. proHNS did a multi-layered approach to conducting public outreach which included hosting a public meeting to discuss community feedback on the proposed project, contacting individual residents to gain insights into ongoing drainage issues, and analyzing private utility information. Considering all the data, proHNS then engaged in conversations and review with the City and Borough of Juneau and submitted a final design for a substantial improvement to the existing roadway conditions. Construction on the project is expected to begin in 2024.