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Chilkat Vistas Subdivision

proHNS has designed multiple phases of this new residential subdivision located in the Twin Lakes area of Juneau, AK. Further services provided include construction inspection of the new roadway and utilities. Since its construction began, two distinct phases of the subdivision have been built, as well as several supporting utility and infrastructure improvements in the surrounding area.

The two completed phases have established 27 new residential lots and one larger parcel zoned for multi-family use, which is currently in the permitting process to become a 48-unit apartment building. proHNS also designed a new residential road, Hooter Lane, to provide sewer, water, and storm drain service to the entire Chilkat Vistas Subdivision.

A prominent challenge addressed during the planning phase was mitigating the increased drainage runoff from the proposed hillside development. To address this, our Project Engineer calculated the capacity of the existing AK DOT&PF-owned drainage system located on Glacier Highway at the bottom of Hooter Lane, the runoff of the existing drainage basin encompassing the location of the proposed development, and the runoff increase due to the proposed development. The proHNS project team subsequently used these calculations to develop a drainage plan that complies with CBJ and AK DOT&PF design standards. The resulting solution included the construction of a new storm drain crossing under Glacier Highway and outfall with an appropriately sized energy dissipation device.

The developer has plans for additional work within the subdivision, including an upcoming phase to create new residential lots and connect Hillcrest Avenue with Mountainside Drive.