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Bonnie Brae Pump Station

proHNS designed and inspected the renovation of this water booster pump station that supplies municipal water to Juneau’s Bonnie Brae Subdivision.  The renovated station features two new 3-hp pumps and a new 30-hp pump to supply water during high demand periods and allow for future expansion of the subdivision.  Renovations also included replacing all interior water piping, valves, and meters, as well all interior electrical components including lighting, sensors, and pump controls. The new pumps are controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) to eliminate water hammer and improve efficiency of the system, which is now connected to the City and Borough of Juneau’s SCADA system for remote monitoring by CBJ Water Department staff. One of the biggest challenges during construction involved installing a bypass pumping system to allow the station to be worked on while still supplying water to the subdivision. Specialty subconsultant Haight & Associates provided electrical design and inspection services.