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Airport Creek Bridge

This FHWA-funded AK DOT&PF project replaced an existing temporary bridge structure across Airport Creek on Lewis Reef Road with a new, two-lane concrete bulb tee girder bridge with a finished width of 39 feet. Improvements included realignment of Lewis Reef Road and modifying the approach intersection of Bostwick/Seely Road. The concrete bridge abutments were Cast-In-Place (CIP) atop steel H-piles rock socketed into bedrock. Bridge diaphragms and wingwalls were also CIP concrete atop structural fill. Approaches were backfilled with structural fill, porous backfill, select material, type A and capped with subbase, grading C. Roadway improvements were constructed on new and existing alignments using common roadway excavation and embankment techniques. Of note, the entire project corridor was through “muskeg” and delineated wetlands.

proHNS provided a full-time, on-site construction inspector who also provided materials sampling and testing in an AK DOT&PF laboratory. We also provided a part-time, fill-in inspector. proHNS Contract Manager Garret Gladsjo, PE, managed consultant contract cost/schedule control, strategically set and adjusted staffing levels to match construction and AK DOT&PF needs, and regularly performed Quality Assurance/Quality Control reviews to ensure DOT&PF’s funding sources were not jeopardized.