Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Location: Juneau, AK
Project Dates: 2018-2019
Owner: City and Borough of Juneau

proHNS handled primary engineering design, research, analysis, and technical specification writing for this City and Borough of Juneau project that replaced Sitka Street’s dilapidated and failing water main. Other improvements included storm drainage collection upgrades and replacement of the aging pavement section between North Douglas Highway and Nowell Avenue. Design elements included new concrete valley gutter, corrosion protection anodes, minor grade and profile adjustments, street underdrains, and a new structural section consisting of at least 12 inches of shot rock borrow subbase with a base section of 2-inch minus shot rock capped with base course, grading D-1. proHNS staff subsequently conducted contract administration and inspection services during the project’s construction phase, which completed in Fall 2019.