Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Location: Juneau, AK
Project Dates: 2018-2019
Owner: Nine private homeowners

Due to recent flooding caused by outbursts of a lake dammed by Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier (referred to as “Jökulhlaup” events), private homeowners along the Mendenhall River experienced erosion of their riverbank and loss of their backyards. Principal Engineer Lucas Chambers, PE, provided stabilization designs, navigated permit requirements, and worked with a subcontracted surveyor to complete work in a timely manner for nine private property owners affected by these flooding events. For months, Lucas held collective planning and informational meetings with homeowners to keep them apprised of progress on design, as well as permitting requirements that evolved as the project moved forward. In addition to developing the stabilization designs for each of the nine properties, Lucas also completed and submitted permits to four agencies (U.S. Fish and Game, Division of Natural Resources, Army Corps. of Engineers, and the City and Borough of Juneau) on behalf of each client.