Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Location: Juneau, AK
Project Dates: 2017-2019
Owner: Southeast Endeavors

proHNS designed this 8-lot subdivision on behalf of Southeast Endeavors, and subsequently provided construction inspection services under our three-year CBJ term agreement. Our Lead Designer Lucas Chambers worked on this project from start to finish. Beginning in 2017, Lucas designed and modeled the new road, lot layout, driveways, and water and sewer facilities servicing the new lots. He also designed an extension of the existing ductile iron water main with new HDPE water main to service all lots, with the sewer extending up the new road and tying into the existing system running along Glacier Highway. In 2018, CBJ hired proHNS to ensure subdivision construction abided by all municipal codes and standards. Lucas provided inspection services on this project through its completion in 2019.