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We specialize in several disciplines of civil engineering, including transportation, environmental, construction, and water resources. When providing engineering services, we feel the following practices must be performed to ensure success:

  • Evaluate existing site conditions through extensive research, such as additional field investigations and review of historical records, in order to reduce unknowns;
  • Define project needs and scope to ensure conformance with project goals and budget;
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders during the design process, especially local residents who are directly impacted by the project;
  • Prepare a design that is cost effective and can be constructed with local resources;
  • Conduct regular constructability and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) review of all project documents
    to ensure compliance with industry practices, local design standards, and relevant policies.

Providing a significant level of effort for each of these elements will result in a timely final design and a greater total project value. As with all of our clients, we recognize the importance of working within allotted project budgets and time constraints, and it is our duty as your consultant to ensure we are making the most efficient use of both.