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After 18 months as an Engineering Technician with proHNS, Randy Crum is stepping up to fill our new Construction Services Manager position.

Since joining proHNS in 2018, Randy has solidified our firm’s presence in Ketchikan, created strong connections within our professional network, and expanded our available services.

“Randy has demonstrated a high level of reliability and willingness to take on tough assignments without complaint,” said proHNS Principal Engineer and Manager Garret Gladsjo, PE. “On occasions where proHNS and its projects have needed additional support, Randy has worked with the team and our clients to make himself available to support these projects on extremely short notice with the highest level of professionalism. From mentoring fellow team members to resolving laboratory equipment issues, Randy’s skills and abilities are unmatched by anyone in the firm.”

By establishing a Construction Services Manager position, proHNS can better offer specialized construction engineering and materials testing services throughout the entire calendar year. The new position will focus some of Randy’s efforts on mentoring and training new proHNS team members, adding a layer of internal quality control to ensure all our clients receive the highest level of service.

Randy has more than 17 years of professional experience as a field technician specializing in construction inspection and testing construction materials for industrial, state, and federal projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. His proHNS project experience includes materials testing and/or inspection work on Front/Mill/Stedman Street Improvements (Ketchikan), Evergreen Road Improvements (Wrangell), Shelter Cove Road (Ketchikan), Kake Airport Runway Rehabilitation, Ketchikan Airport Creek Bridge Replacement, and Ketchikan N. Tongass Bridge Improvements – Waterfall Creeks.

“I am excited to step up to the challenge of becoming the Construction Services Manager,” Randy said. “I’m so glad to be a part of this winning team.”

The new position will involve an increased load of inspection and materials testing work, training and evaluation of proHNS personnel, maintenance and management of equipment including our new nuclear densometer, and management of the proHNS Radiation Safety Program.