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After years of work and hours of studying, long-standing proHNS team member Chris Bydlon can now add Alaska Professional Civil Engineer to his resume.

Chris passed his NCEES PE exam this summer and officially obtained his new credentials in June. Since joining proHNS as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) in January 2019, Chris has excelled in a variety of roles, from designer and construction inspector to materials testing technician and SWPPP inspector.

“Everything from designing road profiles in AutoCAD to getting my hands dirty testing concrete became relevant during the PE exam,” Chris said. “This made me realize how valuable the work that I’d been performing daily had been in furthering my engineering knowledge. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to fill the ‘jack of all trades’ roll for proHNS, which has provided a chance to gain exposure to many aspects of the civil engineering and construction industries.”

Chris’ technical skills, diligence, and commitment to client satisfaction have been integral to proHNS’ growth and success, said Principal Engineer Lucas Chambers, PE.

“Having a chance to mentor Chris at proHNS over the past couple of years, I know he has put in a lot of hard work and is ready to take on the added responsibility that comes with being a licensed engineer,” Lucas said. “Gaining his license is a big step in his carrier and shows he is dedicated to the profession. proHNS wouldn’t be the company it is today without Chris.”

Chris spent most of his EIT career studying under Lucas and Principal Engineer Garret Gladsjo, PE. Before joining proHNS, he worked for an Oregon-based engineering firm under another PE. In addition to the technical knowledge he gleaned from these mentors, Chris said he also learned how to apply sound engineering judgment and how to handle challenging circumstances.

“Whether it be an error in the plans, inclement weather, or contract disputes, how you respond to a difficult situation can make a huge difference both in the moment and with interpersonal relationships after the fact,” Chris said. “A trend that I have noted in all three PEs that I have worked under is that they all pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and soft skills, which is an important — but often overlooked — skill in the engineering industry. I’ve seen the value of this approach pay off, and so try to incorporate it into my own work.”

proHNS recently promoted Chris from Staff Engineer to Project Engineer in recognition of his achievement.

“While there’s still a lot left to learn and accomplish in my career, earning a professional engineering license has been a major goal that I can check off of the list,” Chris said.