Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Former Tribal Transportation Director and public administrator Sara Yockey joined proHNS last month, adding another specialized resource to our team that few Alaska-based firms can offer.

A lifelong Prince of Wales Island resident, Sara served as the Organized Village of Kasaan’s (OVK) Tribal Transportation Director for more than six years, where she planned construction projects, tracked budgets for the Tribal Transportation Program, and secured competitive grants for public projects. Before becoming Tribal Transportation Director, Sara held various roles at OVK, including Tribal Transportation Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Assistant to the Financial Manager. She also served as Clerk, and then Treasurer, of the City of Coffman Cove.

With Sara on board as Transportation Consultant, proHNS can confidently provide technical assistance and consultation for Tribal Transportation Program planning and management, transit planning and management, PORT (Program Online Reporting Tool) reporting, procurement and asset management, grant writing, and RFP/RFQ writing.

While Sara spent her youth in Klawock, Craig, and various logging camps on POW Island, she currently lives with her husband in Coffman Cove.

“Working from Coffman Cove gives proHNS a local presence on Prince of Wales Island, which management has long desired and is excited for Sara to lead,” Garret said.

As the proHNS representative for this region of SE Alaska, Sara will work to forge new relationships, put a face to proHNS services, and pursue consulting opportunities on behalf of the entire team.