Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

proHNS is proud to bring another talented individual into our Juneau Office. Jake Fleetwood, EIT, a former Independent Quality Assurance Engineer for AK DOT&PF, joined proHNS in January 2020.

Before moving to Alaska, Jake worked with the Indian Health Service in Arizona and Montana, as both a Sanitation Facilities Construction Engineer and Facilities Engineer. By January 2018, he secured a job with AK DOT&PF Southcoast Region as a Design Engineer, and was promoted to QA Construction Engineer by 2019. His projects with AK DOT&PF ranged across Southeast and included Ketchikan’s North Tongass Highway Resurfacing, Kodiak’s Rezanoff Drive Resurfacing, and Juneau’s Glacier Highway/Twin Lakes Drive: Lemon Road Culvert Assessment.

proHNS Principal Engineer Garret Gladsjo, PE, said Jake’s AK DOT&PF experience and eagerness to learn make him an ideal addition to the company.

“Jake is very approachable, and has a good demeanor that will suit him well when working on contract administration and inspection projects,” Garret said. “We are fortunate to be able to add Jake’s skill sets to our team, and are confident he can grow with our team to become a future leader in our industry.”

Since joining proHNS last month, Jake has been inspecting private development construction and working on several Haines Borough projects, including the 2020 Areawide Paving design and the Mud Bay/Small Tracts Road Water Line Replacement design.