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After a mere five months with proHNS, Jimmy Spriggs has already hit a substantial milestone toward his goal of becoming a Professional Engineer (PE). In March 2023, after countless hours of studying and a grueling 6-hour Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, Jimmy returned from Kansas City with his EIT. Jimmy’s career progression aligns with proHNS’s goal of providing leading deliverables to our clients and helping our employees to grow their careers.

“Well done, Jimmy, earning your EIT is a big deal for any engineer. Jimmy’s hard work shows he is dedicated to the profession. proHNS plans to continue to mentor Jimmy and give him responsible charge duties on projects that he needs to become a registered PE.” – Lucas Chambers, PE

Prior to joining proHNS, Jimmy graduated from Saint Louis University in Spring 2022 with a degree in civil engineering. During school, he gained professional experience by working a year-long transportation engineering internship with the international firm WSP.