Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

When proHNS launched in Summer 2015, the company consisted of one engineer working out of a home office in Haines, AK. Five years later, proHNS boasts 20 employees, established offices in Haines and Juneau, and a track record of providing exceptional engineering, technical, and administrative services throughout Alaska.

proHNS Principal Engineer and Owner Garret Gladsjo, PE, joined the company in 2016. Lucas Chambers, PE, is also a Principal Engineer and Owner; he signed on in 2017.  Prior to taking the plunge with proHNS, the two had worked for construction companies, private consulting firms, and government agencies. “All were great experiences and a lot was learned, but at the end of the day and with each career stop, it always seemed there was room for improvement,” Garret said. “By becoming an owner and leader of your own consulting firm, you truly gain free reign to explore those ideas for improvement gained over the years.”

Our continued success over the past five years is directly attributable to the commitment and passion of our team. We have been lucky to attract staff from diverse backgrounds with varying skill sets, allowing our firm to meet the needs of clients ranging from private subdivision developers to the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

Carving out a space in a field dominated by older, established firms has been “challenging, disappointing, exhilarating, frustrating, and always surprising,” Garret said. “It has been interesting to go from ‘Oh, you are with who?’ to ‘Oh yeah, you guys worked on such and such projects.’ While we are still not what one would consider a household name for most competitors in the industry, our network continues to grow every day and we take great pride when meeting someone for the first time who recognizes the company name before our own.”

Over the past five years, proHNS has become an established consultant working on behalf of AK DOT&PF. From providing large Construction Management teams on multi-season, multi-million dollar road projects (Egan Drive 10th to Main Street Improvements) to filling singular, specialty roles on remote airport jobs (Kake Airport Runway Rehabilitation), we hope to continue meeting AK DOT&PF’s needs and expectations for years to come.

We have been fortunate enough to cultivate similar relationships with the City & Borough of Juneau and Haines Borough, municipalities that have trusted us to design, inspect, and manage the construction of many of their infrastructure improvement projects. As a newer firm working amid a field of old hands, these opportunities have been integral to our growth, and we are grateful for the continued support.

All told, proHNS has worked on projects big and small in 11 Alaska communities: Juneau, Haines, Klukwan, Skagway, Ketchikan, Wrangell, Sitka, Kake, Tenakee Springs, Pelican, and King Salmon. Looking toward 2021 and beyond, proHNS hopes to become even more diverse in our services and more expansive in our footprint.

“We want to explore new markets, expand our technical expertise, and even begin working more frequently throughout the entire State of Alaska and beyond,” Garret said. “We couldn’t have imagined all that has been achieved in this first five years. Hopefully the next five continue to exceed our imaginations.”