Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Though Southeast Alaska is nearing the end of summer, the construction season is still going strong and keeping proHNS staff busy in both Haines and Juneau. At the northern end of the Lynn Canal, we’re wrapping up our contract administration work on the State of Alaska’s Klehini River Bridge project, and still working toward a seasonal substantial completion for half of the Haines Airport project. The Portage Cove Harbor Expansion continues to move forward, with staff slated to perform civil inspection and marine mammal monitoring duties through the fall/winter of this year. Most exciting, we have managed to staff these projects with highly qualified employees from the local Haines community, and look forward to continuing to employ local whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Down in Juneau, we are providing construction administration and inspection services for two local projects on behalf of the City and Borough of Juneau. Managing Member Lucas Chambers is currently working as Project Engineer/Utility Inspector for CBJ on the State of Alaska’s Glacier Highway Reconstruction project, inspecting the installation of water and sewer lines between Seaview Avenue and Fritz Cove Road. proHNS Senior Project Manager Mary Larsen recently started contract administration and inspection services on CBJ’s West 8th Street Reconstruction project, which will require efficient coordination between property owners and the contractor to ensure impacts to DOL, Alaska Cycle, and others is minimized. We’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with the City and help improve Juneau’s infrastructure.

We continue to grow our organization and breadth of services offered, and cannot thank our clients enough for the opportunities we have been given this past year. It is our hope the quality of our work products, clear communication, and cost effective services will make a lasting impression on the many professionals, contractors, agency representatives, business owners, and Alaskan residents we work with each and every day.