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proHNS welcomed its first Water Resources Engineer, Dane Palmer, PE, CFM in May 2023. Formerly the SR Hydraulics Engineer with AK DOT&PF, and a current master’s student in Water Resources Engineering from Colorado State University, Dane brings additional expertise in hydraulic and hydrologic engineering to the firm.

“The team is what drew me to proHNS,” Dane recalls. “I had the pleasure of working with Garret and Lucas during my time at AK DOT and have always thought highly of them on both a personal and professional level. Garret and Lucas have continued to assemble a high-caliber team, which are the kind of people I like to surround myself with. My goal is to help proHNS expand their technical services while continuing to expand and hone my hydraulic skill set.”

Notably, Dane’s aptitudes include hydraulic design, hydrologic estimates, physical hydraulic modeling, erosion and sediment control, civil construction administration, hydrogeological and geotechnical site characterizations, as well as environmental permitting and compliance. Aligning with proHNS’s growing geographical reach of projects, he is a certified PE in both Alaska and Colorado, as well as a CFM (Certified Floodplain Manager).

“While proHNS has provided hydrologic modeling and hydraulic design for several projects in recent years, the addition of Dane to our team further bolsters the depth of expertise, skills, and services we can offer our public and private clients,” said Principal Engineer Garret Gladsjo, PE. Adding, “Our communities continue to see more frequent, larger storm events that are causing not only flooding but also landslides in developed areas. Firms must be prepared to better understand the climatology of the regions where we work, engineering sustainable infrastructure that protects our communities today and in the future. The work of Dane and others will help ensure our firm’s Vision is met.”

The vision Garret refers to is proHNS’s focus “to engineer sustainable infrastructure today for a resilient tomorrow.”