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proHNS co-owners Garret Gladsjo, PE, and Lucas Chambers, PE, appeared on a recent episode of The Civil Engineering Podcast, an industry podcast providing career advice and success stories to civil engineering professionals. The episode focused on “People Development,” and the importance of hiring, developing, and retaining a strong team.

Lucas and Garret also discussed the ups and downs of launching a small business in Alaska, how they identify and solve problems that inevitably arise in the firm, and their advice to civil engineers trying to grow their own businesses.

The Civil Engineering podcast is produced by The Engineering Management Institute, a professional development organization dedicated to providing engineering professionals with a path to become better leaders through learning transfer. The podcast has been downloaded more than 1.4 million times.

Listen Here: https://engineeringmanagementinstitute.org/tcep-188-why-people-development-is-important-when-growing-a-civil-engineering-firm/