Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Heidi’s storied career with AK DOT&PF dates back to 1975, when she started with the agency as a surveyor. Over the intervening four decades, she worked for AK DOT&PF in almost every aspect of construction, including surveying, inspection, materials testing, and office engineering. From 2000-2016, she served as an AK DOT&PF Concurrent Review Engineer, where she juggled 20-25 projects at a time in different stages of closeout. Her organizational skills, strong attention to detail, and commitment to meeting schedules and deadlines ensures all project paperwork is completed, submitted, and filed correctly and efficiently. Heidi is accustomed to performing these functions remotely using software like Dropbox and State-authorized VPN access to AK DOT&PF’s Q Drive. After a brief sabbatical following retirement, Heidi joined proHNS to fill the role of Office Engineer in 2019. Her decades of experience with AK DOT&PF give proHNS an edge few other firms can claim.