Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Originally from North Carolina, Eric Bowles moved to Ketchikan in 2014 after being charmed by the Southeast Alaska community. His first Engineering/Survey Technician role with a local engineering firm quickly evolved into a decade-long engineering career. Eric’s experience on local projects includes the U.S. Coast Guard Base Ketchikan Fast Response Cutter Upgrades and the Gravina Airport Ferry’s floating ramp improvements.

With a B.S. in Statistics from North Carolina State University, Eric is a numbers guy. His keen attention to detail and ability to think outside the box is evident in his aptitude for civil construction. Eric’s experience includes materials testing and quality control, surveying, water and wastewater treatment, construction management, and project management.

After his first introduction to proHNS in 2016—and a few years to raise his two young children alongside his wife Kacey—Eric joined the team in 2024 to work on the Ketchikan Tongass Avenue Improvements project. Together, Eric continues to work on projects locally and throughout Southeast Alaska, based out of proHNS’s new Ketchikan satellite office.