Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Cyndi Ticknor joins proHNS as its first-ever Fleet Manager, bringing a breadth of expertise from a career spanning over 23 years in fleet management, road maintenance, procurement, and parts and personnel. Prior to joining proHNS, Cyndi supervised teams across eight different facilities, including managing over 90 employees, 400 vehicles, and other equipment. Her previous management career with both Mason and Lewis Counties’ Washington Public Works Department included everything from establishing cost-saving procedures and software improvements to managing a 15-million-dollar annual budget and 20 million+ dollar fleet inventory.

Cyndi’s commendable fleet management and teambuilding focus is a huge asset to proHNS as its geographic reach and company size continues to grow. She works remotely, based out of the Olympia region, where Cyndi lives on the family farm with her husband Rod. Though when she’s not talking about all things equipment—whether it be procuring an excavator or the surplus of a front-end loader—Cyndi enjoys spending her days outdoors in the sun, gardening, traveling, and barbequing with family and friends.