Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Born and raised in Alaska, Chris received his degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and launched his professional career in 2017 as a Civil EIT with a Washington-based engineering firm. Since returning to Alaska and joining proHNS in January 2019, Chris has tackled a wide range of projects for clients including AKDOT&PF, local municipalities, and private developers. His breadth of experience and slew of certifications (AK-CESCL, ACI, WAQCT, Troxler) allow him to easily fill a variety of roles, whether it be drafter/designer, SWPPP inspector, materials testing technician, or paving inspector. Chris also has a passion for storm water modeling and design, a skill he has used extensively in Southeast Alaska and Washington State.

Chris currently serves as the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Juneau Branch Secretary. He enjoys spending his free time outdoors; hiking, fishing, boating or any other excuse to be outside, especially during the summer.