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Klehini River Bridge Transfer

proHNS provided construction management services on behalf of the Contractor for this FHWA-funded project, located 26 miles northwest of Haines. The scope included removal of the old, structurally deficient Klehini River Bridge and construction of a new modern concrete bridge with no truss superstructure, thereby eliminating height restrictions. The new bridge features two 10-ft lanes with 5-ft shoulders on both sides to accommodate public access needs as well as agricultural, logging, mining, construction, and recreational vehicles that need to cross the river.

proHNS staff oversaw all on-site operations on behalf of the Contractor, working and corresponding directly with the AK DOT&PF Project Engineer to ensure the job ran smoothly. We also developed and implemented traffic control plans, performed hydraulic analysis for fish passage and oversaw temporary water use permits, managed environmental commitments (U.S. Army Corps of Engineer, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Alaska Department of Environmental Conversation) and ensured compliance for the project’s duration, managed oversize permits necessary to haul girders and cross the existing bridge, and monitored the construction site for compliance with site-specific safety plans.