Haines Office: (907) 419-6070 • Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Prior to joining proHNS in 2020, Zeke spent 32 years with DOT&PF Southeast (Southcoast) Region: first as a Juneau-based Materials Lab Technician (17 years), then as a Materials Rover (two years), and finally as SE (SC) Region’s first Quality Assurance Material Reviewer (13 years). Following projects from design to closeout, Zeke developed special provisions for project contract documents, performed QA reviews during construction, and reviewed/
submitted all closeout paperwork upon completion. A veteran of the industry, Zeke is revered in the Southeast construction community for her knowledge and experience. She has quickly became a leader in our firm for managing DOT&PF project CA deliverables related to materials and laboratory testing.