Juneau Office: (907) 780-4004

Sara served as the Organized Village of Kasaan’s (OVK) Tribal Transportation Director for more than six years, planning and managing construction projects for OVK’s Tribal Transportation Program (TTP). Before becoming Tribal Transportation Director, Sara served in various roles at OVK, including Tribal Transportation Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Assistant to the Financial Manager. She also served as Clerk (2004-2007) and Treasurer (2009-2011) of the City of Coffman Cove. As a Transportation Consultant for proHNS, Sara assists clients with long range transportation planning, transit planning and management, TTP staff training, PORT (Program Online Reporting Tool) reporting, procurement and asset management, grant writing, and RFP/RFQ writing.

Sara is a life-long resident of Prince of Wales Island, moving to Coffman Cove in 2004 after spending her youth in Klawock, Craig, and various logging camps on the Island. She loves harvesting local plants (Devil’s Club is her favorite), kayaking, hunting, hiking, and foraging for mushrooms. Sara and her husband also run a small cottage industry business crafting and selling deer calls, walking sticks, jams, honeys, and salves made from local materials.